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He encircles me in his arms as we press our lips together and float on the waves of pleasure surrounding us. I look up into his eyes and the emotions I feel buckle my knees. In every single photo, this Welsh beauty just looks into camera and never fails to look dirty and so, so sexy.

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He opens his hands and covers my tits. His hands are big, I like that. My nipples get huge against the palm of his hands. He squeezes ever so lightly.

We both just stood there, one in the other, still experiencing a euphoria we never knew existed. I stopped thrusting, my now stagnant shaft blocking any of my load from leaving her warm vagina.

She let out a quiet sigh and pressed my hand harder into her love hole. I gently worked her cavern, paying special attention to the roof, until she'd dilated and then I added 2 more fingers. Gemma poses for the camera whilst spread on the sofa. She flips off her designer bra to gives all a glimpse of those sexy huge jugs.

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